How Coffee Pod Machines Work

We talk to Russ at Lake City Coffee in Spokane Wa, and this was his expert opinion on coffee pod machines.

Coffee pods provide a simple and convenient way of making a fantastic cup of coffee quickly and with no mess or fuss. Personally, I use a Senseo Coffee Pod Machine and I’ve never had a moment’s trouble with it and the coffee taste fantastic. Just as if I had ground the beans and brewed it myself. So how do these machines work?

First things first, make sure your machine is plugged into the wall. These machines mostly run on mains power so flick that switch. Next, you’ll need to fill the chamber with fresh water. On the Senseo model, it just clicks off neatly at the back of the machine. Always run your water for at least a minute before filling as you don’t want any nasty stuff that’s been sitting in the pipes overnight for your fresh and tasty coffee. There are handy notches on the side of the plastic water chamber and you just fill it with exactly the amount of water you’ll need. This is another great feature of these machines – you never boil any more water than you need thus saving on energy bills.

Once filled with fresh water, snap the chamber back on then press the big red flashing button on the front of the machine (other models may differ slightly, but it’s generally the same set-up for all Coffee Pod Machines).

Now you must select which coffee pod you want. The Senseo comes with two small dishes like holders to place the pods in – a one pod holder and a two pod holder. Select one or two depending on the strength of coffee you want, or perhaps you are making two cups at the same time. The pod holders are placed at the top of the machine and then the lid snaps down on top of them.

You need to wait a minute or two for the water to heat, then once done you have a choice to make. By now, the water will have percolated through the pods at the top of the machine to make some rich dark coffee. Now you can select one cup or two cups, or you can even select the two cup option if you want to have a large mug of coffee.

The coffee made from these machines is full flavored, rich and frothy. The sheer variety of pods available on the market now is staggering, so you won’t be short of choice. Enjoy your coffee!